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Look at our variety of spiritual and meditation services, and discover the right pathway for you. Whether it’s a meditation programme, intuitive coaching, healing therapy or any of our spiritual courses, rely on us for guidance. We are based in the East Midlands, but our services are available to anyone across the UK. Both individuals and groups of people are welcome to join our spiritual classes. We offer online consultations, and you can also arrange to meet us in person. Begin your transformation today - we are ready to support you on your journey.

Spiritual Coaching

In our spiritual coaching service, we have several different pathways available that are designed to help you overcome obstacles that you may encounter in your life. The pathways that we offer are as follows:

Pathway to Self-Discovery

Discover your true self with our coaching sessions. In these sessions, we’ll analyse who you are now, and who you’d like to be. Once we’ve established what the ‘true you’ entails, we’ll then proceed to explore the issues that are affecting your life situation. We’ll address these issues so you can achieve your ambitions.

Pathway to Overcome Barriers and Move Forward

Do you feel that you’ve stagnated in your life? You probably know what course of action you need to take, but you can’t seem to muster up the courage to make that change. Maybe you don’t know how to tackle an obstacle in your life that doesn’t bring you any happiness, or fulfilment.

Health conditions such as stress, anxiety, and other various physical problems can stem from feelings of discontent within your life. Feelings of unhappiness are completely normal, and we’ll help you to make that important change to transform your life.

Together, we’ll discuss your main obstacles, understand them, learn from them, and finally, we’ll release them to find a solution to the problem. Then, we’ll create a plan of action so you can accomplish your ambitions.

Pathway to Cope with Change

In life, change is inevitable. Sometimes change can be a positive experience and can lead to an optimistic future. However, on occasion, a change in circumstances can lead to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma 
  • Any Other Condition

Health conditions can be caused because of the following life changes:

  • Bereavement 
  • Relationship Breakdown 
  • Loss of Job
  • Loss of Home

When you do experience any of these tough life experiences, the important thing is to learn from them. In our spiritual coaching sessions, we’ll put measures in place to help you accept the changes that have occurred in your life, so you can start to enjoy it again.

Pathway to Overcome Trauma

An experience may occur in your life and escalate into a trauma that can affect everything. At your own pace, we’ll confront the trauma, and put a course of action in place to enable you to live the great life that you deserve.


Our pathways enable you to become an improved version of yourself. The pathways that our team believes will be the most effective plans for you are:

Pathway to Freedom

Let it go! Eradicate everything that’s having a negative impact on your life. Live the life you deserve! Don’t allow your worries and anxieties to dominate your life.

Pathway to Spiritual Protection

Deter the negative energy that could affect you, your home, and your workplace by learning how to protect yourself when undertaking spiritual practices.

Pathway to Self-Healing

A combination of meditative practices, vibrational techniques, and tools can help you improve your wellbeing, and self-healing – learn how to use them with us.

Pathway to Peace

Partake in one of our meditation programmes, and enter a world of peace and tranquillity. Alternatively, you can order a bespoke peace programme.

Pathway to Insight

Know the ‘true you’. This pathway enables you to connect to your intuition, and gain a deep insight. Also, this pathway permits you to enhance your spiritual connection to the universe, the divine source, and your spirit guides.

Need some answers and direction in your life? Receive the answers that you’ve been searching for in this pathway.

Pathway to Teen Health

There’s more pressure on teenagers today than ever before. With peer pressure, identity struggles, self-discovery, and life’s other various difficulties, it can be tough for teenagers to manage their emotions. However, we have the solution to help teenagers cope. Our pathway to teen health is designed to meet the needs of teenagers.

The pathway enables teens to talk about their issues in a spiritual way, and we also use mediation for upliftment. At MiSoul Pathways, we are devoted to helping teenagers lessen their anxiety, and to help them to become content with who they are.

Intuitive Healing and Energy Medicine

Our intuitive healing and energy medicines include the following:


Crystals have an important purpose in spirituality. This is because they have many advantages including therapeutic benefits, and also their own healing energy. Each crystal has its own unique journey deep within the centre of the earth.

A crystal’s vibrational and resonance energy is an effective method to heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Due to their fantastic benefits, therapists use crystals to treat millennia. A qualified crystal therapist uses intuition to guide them to the right crystals for each client. Crystal Therapy can be a wonderful way to heal physical and emotional ailments, and it can work long distance.


Meditation therapy is a fantastic way to improve your health. You may find yourself suffering from conditions, such as:

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Anger
  • Fatigue

Meditation can help relieve the effects of these. We use meditation in spiritual therapy because it helps us to form a spiritual connection to our inner selves, and the universe. Whatever your healing needs may entail, we offer a bespoke mediation programme to meet your requirements.

Light Energy Healing

Otherwise known as spiritual healing or vibrational healing, the purpose of light energy healing is to connect itself to universal love and light. Once the connection has been made, light energy can be directed to the required area.

Distance Healing

Distance healing is effective without the therapist and client being situated in the same room, or even location! For this treatment to be a success, the simple requirement is that a strong spiritual connection is created between the therapist and client.

Meditation Programmes

Our meditation programmes are appropriate for beginners, adults, and teens. These sessions focus on mindfulness in daily life. The meditation programmes consist of:

Introduction to Meditation

This 6-week course is perfect if meditation is a completely new subject to you, or if you have some knowledge of it. Looking to reduce your stress levels, and improve your wellbeing? This is the ideal plan for you. In the Introduction to Meditation Plan, you’ll be taught breathing and relaxation techniques.

Throughout the process, you’ll encounter a combination of guided and mindfulness approaches that’ll be informative, and intriguing to learn about. By the end of the introduction, you’ll know how to incorporate meditation into your life.

Connecting to the True Self

There are many questions that you’ll want answering, including:

  • Who am I, Truly?
  • Why am I Here?
  • What’s the Purpose of My Life?
  • What Are My True Beliefs?
  • Who Are My Guides? 
  • What’s My Spiritual Potential?

In your 6-week journey, you’ll search for the answers to these intriguing questions in your quest of self-discovery, and self-awareness.

Introduction to Chakras

This 8-week course will introduce you to chakras. It is the ideal course if you don’t have much knowledge about chakras, and their purpose. A chakra is an energy centre, and they are situated in different areas of the body. By the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to cleanse and balance chakras, as well as how they can affect our lives and wellbeing.

Deepening Our Connection to Our Chakras

This course is intended for people who are familiar with chakras. This 8-week course encourages you to inspect your chakras in detail, and develop your spiritual connections.

Mindfulness in Our Daily Life

Do you have a busy life, but want to learn about how mindfulness can change it? This 6-week course is a must for you! With unbounded benefits, this course can help alleviate issues including depression, anxiety, and stress.

Plus, when you’re looking to boost your health and wellbeing, this is the appropriate course for you.

Meditation for Teens

The pressures of life can have a detrimental effect on teenagers. At MiSoul Pathways, we aim to help them cope with these stresses. We believe that meditation is the most effective solution to combat stress, depression, and anxiety for teenagers.

Spiritual Courses and Webinars

The spiritual courses and webinars that we offer are:

Connect to Your Sacred Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is rising! Learn how to use the feminine power inside you via this course, which was created to help men and women to connect to their inner power. Connect to the goddess in you today.

MiSoul Sisterhood

Let’s empower each other! The purpose of this course is to work together as a group to support and encourage ourselves. Be a goddess and share your goddess energy!

MiSoul and the Moon

The moon is a vital aspect of spiritual practice, and has been for thousands of years. In this course, you’ll learn how to form an attachment with the sacred orb, and harness its spectacular energy. You may be sceptical about how the moon could improve your life, but take our course and learn about the moon’s phases along with how they can help you to progress.

At the new moon stage, you’ll start a new round of spiritual development or change. Then, as the moon waxes, you’ll identify what you need to involve in your life to achieve your aims, and at this point, you can ask for guidance. 

The full moon is a special, powerful occasion. As it begins to diminish, you’ll start to release the elements in your life that do not positively contribute to your wellbeing.

MiSoul and the Seasons

This is an enlightening course because you see how the cycles of the seasons wax and wane. The seasons, or the ‘turning of the wheel’ have been celebrated for thousands of years. This course is about showing you the seasons, and how their cycle parallels your own life. You’ll become aware of how to use the cycle of the seasons to enhance your connection to the earth and yourself.

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